Pipe Hitter

Probably not what you thought this article was going to be when you clicked on it eh? 

With any partnership or sponsorship I try to highlight why I use the product or promote it. For those of you that don't know I'm pretty weird about what I use or who I associate with. I've never really promoted due to clout or for money...at least for a lot of money. I do, however like working with and promoting products that I use on the daily.

Enter Alpha Elite Performance Sugar Skull Pipe Hitter

Very rarely will I speak on pre-workouts because for the overly majority of my life I've hated most of the ones I've tried. Over bearing niacin, bubbly guts, eye brows feel like they're about to itch off my face, the list of the normal pre-work out atrocities can go on and on. Not to bash the competition, their products just aren't for me.

Then one day I got a hold of the ole Pipe Hitter. AEP is Green Beret owned, works with The Green Beret Foundation and has a pretty blemish free reputation among the community I familiarize myself with so I thought what the hell? Let's give it a go. 

From this blossomed not only a partnership and friendship with some great content in between, but also led me to hands down the best pre I have ever tried. No bullshit.

I don't even know what or how to describe the flavor, a citrus cotton candy burst of carnival heaven right into my mouth, not too sugary, not too bland...almost just right. Then there comes the "high" of the pre...it almost feels stim free. I felt like it gave me just enough energy to really get after it, opening up my pores and drenching me with sweat but not enough to make me feel uncomfortable and tweaking out the entire work out. It has a great, long lasting effect that got me through about an hour and half of getting after it but when I left the gym is when i realized I loved it. After my pump, it was gone, no lingering tunnel vision, no side effect of me scratching the shit out of myself and no bubbly guts on the ride home. I was sold. 

Over 16 years of lifting I've tried a TON of different supplements, not one has stuck out to me as this Pipe Hitter did. I've rightly started calling my personal stack of AEP Products the TKC Fire For Effect Stack (i'll link my stack below) 

On the podcast I highlight veteran stories, businesses and struggles to help others. That was the point in starting the blog too. I want other people to get the joy out of the products I use daily. I'll be featuring our discount code on air and on our Patreon as well as some free giveaways over there too. Look for more collaborations from both companies as we continue to grow, expand into our potential and put out great content and products. Speaking of dope products though, check out their new California Vintage Tee supplied by TruPatriot. Cheers!


TKC FFE Stack- Pipe Hitter, Steel Stack, Metal Detox, Alpha Pro Protein

(Will be trying their night time sleep supplement soon too, Green Beret Nap Time)


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